About this online report

We are pleased to present to stakeholders Sun International Group's online Integrated Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2013. The objective of this online report is to provide stakeholders with an appropriately balanced view of the Group's strategy, performance, sustainability and governance, to inform their decision-making on the Group's ability to continue creating value over the short, medium and long term.

Given our commitment to provide stakeholders with more focused, concise and meaningful reporting, we have made notable enhancements to this online Integrated Annual Report. Our Chief Executive and Management report provides insight into our performance and strategy. It also provides a financial overview and sets out our five strategic focus areas. The five strategic focus areas form the basis for performance management of the Chief Executive, and indicate the responsibilities that have been cascaded down into the business and linked to specific roles. It features navigation at the end of each page to direct readers through the full section.

Our online Integrated Annual Report includes supporting content to supplement the printed Integrated Annual Report posted to shareholders. Our expanded online financial overview includes key Group financial and statistical information and a seven-year financial review for a more granular and transparent comparison of our historic performance. Our online report includes both the Group financial statements and the Company financial statements.

Supporting content, accessible from the Reports menu above, provides in-depth information on our business and business environment through reports on the gaming industry, our Most Valued Guest programme, customer management, information technology, occupational health and safety, human resources, transformation, our approach to the environment, and a report on our socio economic development projects. Detailed charters and terms of reference for the respective boards or committees are available as well as the King III register that sets out our compliance with governance best practice for companies in South Africa.

Feedback on our reporting can be sent to investor.relations@suninternational.com